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You Are My Sunshine Donut, my Only Sunshine Donut.
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You Are My Sunshine Donut, my Only Sunshine Donut.

Donuts are hard enough to resist, but a donut called “Sunshine” is required eating.

Natives of the Sioux City area are all too familiar with this legendary local temptation. I only recently learned about Sunshine Donuts and why – gasp! – they nearly became deep-fried history.

Eight Sunshine Food Markets dotted Sioux City beginning the mid-1900s. More than a grocery store, reminiscent adults remember Sunshine’s for two reasons: rides on Sandy, the mechanical “penny pony,” and donuts made fresh and served piping hot.

My coworker Leola told me how she used to watch through the store window as the donuts floated atop hot grease. Before they cooled, bakers frosted the donuts and sold them to eager children who were gleefully oblivious to sticky fingers and drippy chins.

By about 2000, each of the Sunshine Food Markets had closed, and locals sadly endured a Sunshine Donut drought until 2009 when Sarah Kragthorpe was able to lease (it’s a long story) the original Sunshine Donut-making machine and revived the popular delicacy at her downtown restaurant, Jitter’s.

That small, very vintage machine is aptly named the Donut Robot, insinuating that these tasty treats are mass produced with little skill or attention. But Sunshine Donuts aren’t just any donut, and making them requires far more than flour and frosting. Enter Marilyn Wilson who made Sunshine Donuts for more than 20 years and can “do it in her sleep” according to Sarah. Marilyn mentored Jitter’s employees on the nuances of these cake donuts, which are lighter and fluffier than their raised donut cousin. The small but mighty Donut Robot churns out eight perfectly prepared donuts each minute.

Today, Jitter’s makes between 80 and 100 dozen donuts daily. On the weekend that number balloons – along with your waistline, potentially – to upwards of 175 dozen. 

I understand now what northwest Iowans have known for years: Sunshine donuts really can make you happy when skies are gray.

Learn more about Jitter's & their Sunshine Donuts by visiting them on Facebook.

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  1. Travel Iowa Team
    Travel Iowa Team
    Who doesn't love a warm, fresh donut on a cold December day? Thanks for the post!
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