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Waterfowl of Iowa: Ducks
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Waterfowl of Iowa: Ducks

Seen all over the world, the Mallard is duck species native to Iowa. Though the male and female Mallard look and sound surprisingly different, it isn't hard to spot both of them floating aimlessly down the Cedar River that stretches from Southern Minnesota through Iowa as it connects to the Mississippi River.  


Here are five cool facts about the Mallard:

1) The Mallard can find its home just about anywhere as long as there are wetlands, natural or artificial. They make themselves at home in rivers, ponds, lakes, marshes, coastlines, and estuaries as well as parks and backyards.

2) The term "Dabbling Ducks" was given to the Mallard as they feed by floating on the water and dipping their heads under with their butts up and grab at insects and plants.

3) Though there are male and female Mallards, they don't stick to their species of duck. Mallards actually mate with other species and produce multiple "hybrid" species. The Mallard X American Black Duck and the Mallard X Northern Pintail are those hybrids, just to name a couple.

4) At speeds of 55 mph, the Mallard can fly up to 21,000 feet but typically cruise at 10,000 feet.

5) Mallards are so popular that there is a town named after them. Mallard, Iowa sits in the county of Palo Alto and has a population of less than 300 as of 2017. Their welcome sign says, "Welcome to Mallard, We are Friendly Ducks!" 

How pretty are these ducks, though?! Hope you enjoyed! See you soon!!


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