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Tour the Oddities of the Midwest: Iowa's Most Peculiar Destinations
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Tour the Oddities of the Midwest: Iowa's Most Peculiar Destinations

Experience has shown that going on vacation is often a very high source of stress. Long hours in close quarters with fellow travelers can cause tension. Copious amounts of money are spent, and unrealistic expectations can heavily overshadow the fundamental purpose of vacation (enjoyment and relaxation). 

Instead of planning an overscheduled, over embellished family trip to Disney World, try taking a step off the beaten path. Plan an unorthodox retreat for next year, and escape the curse of a lackluster vacation destination. Turn your mind towards an eccentric experience that is guaranteed to be unforgettable. 

Here is a quick look at a few promising suggestions to consider while planning the perfect excursion. These weird and wondrous places will redefine the term vacation forever. 

Event Destinations

It is always interesting to visit the site of a historical happening. Nostalgia is a powerful experience, and the site of a memorable event in history always comes with a feeling of familiarity. Iowa is packed full of these educational, storytelling locations. 

Deep in a farming field of Clear Lake, there is an understated memorial to the life and death of Buddy Holly. After a performance nearby at the Surf Ballroom in the late fifties at Clear Lake, Holly, and his cohorts took to the air for the journey home. Almost immediately, their small plane crashed into an adjacent field of native plant life. No one survived.

Experience a blast from the past in Ottumwa. The small, local restaurant called The Canteen Lunch was the inspiration for a familiar joint in the famed show Roseanne. Tom Arnold took Roseanne to lunch here one day, and she was hooked. She decided to base show’s concept of The Lunch Box on this tiny eatery.  

Gathering Gratification

The social butterfly can come out of their cocoon in the most unusual of situations. Iowa is an excellent host to many different gatherings and conventions statewide.  With so many people in once place, culture thrives.  Open your mind and heart to an array of diverse societies, and visit one of Iowa’s many rendezvous.

The National Hobo Convention is held annually in the town of Britt. "Hobos" carry a rich history. The term Hobo most likely originated from the term Hoe-boy. This is what the locals would call the young men working on rail lines in the early 20th century, due to the common practice of carrying their tools around on their backs through town.   

The Little Mermaid

Hans Christian Anderson’s original story of the Little Mermaid has long been a staple of childhood for girls all over the world. The small town of Kimballton, is host to a beautiful garden of sculptures built to pay tribute to the stories of Hans Christian Anderson. 

The town of Kimballton also hosts a thriving Danish culture. Just down the block from the sculpture garden is the Dane village of Elk Horn.  Here is where the oldest functioning windmill resides, adding the topping on the proverbial vacationing cake. 


Photo Source: Americana The Beautiful


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