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Startup Des Moines: A Digital Guide to the Doing Business in the Capital
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Startup Des Moines: A Digital Guide to the Doing Business in the Capital

Des Moines has surprised a lot of people nationally in the last several years by becoming a thriving hotbed for small businesses. It’s shown such promise that even Facebook has gotten in on the action recently! In this day and age, it can seem nearly impossible to have a small business that doesn’t get shut out by corporate giants. However, our very own Des Moines seems to offer a solution to this.

Here is why Des Moines has become such a good place for small business to thrive, and how you can get involved to keep the business community vibrant and thriving here!

The Give-and-Take with the Des Moines Community

The small business community is thriving in Des Moines because it’s literally holding itself up: 70 to 80 percent of new job growth in Des Moines comes from existing small businesses in the community.

Things like StartupCity Des Moines and apps like Bawte have, in the past, garnered recognition for how they provide resources to small businesses and connect people in the community to them. Small businesses want to involve the local community in Des Moines in what they’re doing, and that same community is excited to be a part of it.

If you live in Des Moines, or visit for business, you have so many options to support Des Moinsians just by opting to grab your coffee from a place like Zanzibar’s rather than Starbucks, or getting automobile parts from a place like Budget Brake over Walmart.

Cost To Rent and Buy

Another advantage to being a small business owner, and a reason why the community is thriving, is that it’s not ridiculously expensive to open up a storefront in DSM. Generally, small business owners can find a spot to rent for around $1 per square foot each month in Des Moines.

Bigger cities typically charge much more than this for rental spaces, such as Seattle for instance, many of which cost over $1.50 per square foot. In Des Moines, however, where the community for small businesses is thriving, this is prime time to take advantage of these cheaper business space rentals.

Again, just supporting a local business helps people cover their rent, their salaries, the cost of manufacturing, and allows them to stay open. Being mindful of what stores are intertwined within your local community and choosing to buy from them allows these small businesses to be self-sustaining.

It’s Still Developing

As a city, Des Moines is still growing and developing. It’s evident in the way that these small businesses are popping up so often and seemingly doing well for themselves. With this success, business owners can feel comfortable in putting down roots in Des Moines. Entrepreneurs will learn they can move there with reasonable confidence as well.

The home prices in Des Moines right now are very reasonable, as well, whether you’re looking at a fixer upper or a home that’s in great condition already. The city life is developing and with the small business community contributing so much to this, it’s becoming more attractive to newcomers who want to be involved. There are always new people coming in, so these people are finding community almost immediately. All of these fast-paced developments are rapidly changing the shape of this great city, and it all comes down to how well local businesses are doing. So keep supporting, shopping, and interacting with them!

Tell us about your experience in Des Moines.How have you enjoyed the business community? How do you contribute to it or otherwise engage? What are your favorite places to go when you're in town on business? Let us know in the comments below!



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