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Silo Climbing is Looking Great for Me This Winter
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Silo Climbing is Looking Great for Me This Winter

If you’re looking for an exciting new activity to try, why not check out the silo ice climbing located in Cedar Falls, Iowa? This incredible experience offers a truly unique opportunity for countless climbers every single year. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned expert or a novice who wants to give this type of activity a try, these silos are just waiting to be climbed. The views from the top of the silos are breathtaking and visitors truly feel a sense of achievement from reaching the peak.

The story of these silos is a fascinating one. A professor who works at the University of Northern Iowa, Don Briggs, first spotted the silos while working on a friend’s farm. Briggs lives in Cedar Falls and has always had a passion for climbing. The mere sight of the silos was enough to get his mind racing as he began to plan out ways in which he could climb them. Initially, Briggs thought he might try rock climbing up the silos, but he later decided that ice climbing would be the preferred method. Briggs quickly got into contact with local authorities to see if he was allowed to cover the silos in ice. He was granted permission and began to set out plans to freeze the silos.

This all occurred back in 2001 and, in the years that have followed, Briggs has worked to improve his system. He makes use of a network of hoses to freeze over the silos, offering plenty of ice for climbers to make use of. The silos are also manned by a team of friendly and well-trained staff who are always eager to offer advice. Every member of the staff will do their best to help each climber experience the joy and thrill of getting to the top of these silos.

The venue also provides all of the climbing equipment you could possibly need, and it only costs $40 for a whole day of climbing fun. You could also choose to purchase a season-long pass for just $150, granting you access to visit the site as many times as you like. There’s also an excellent warming house where you can prepare for a climb or relax with some refreshments. Naturally, there are also a few simple rules to follow which include bans on smoking and pets. Younger participants should also be at least 10 years old and prove that they have permission to climb from their parents.

The site is open each weekend and is easy to find. Silo climbing is a truly special and exciting experience for every participant, so it’s certainly worth checking out. Lots of new climbers arrive each week, so you might even make some friends. If you have even the slightest interest in climbing, this site is a really fascinating place to visit and you will surely be warmly welcomed by the staff.

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