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See What's Under the Hood at the Volga City Truck Cruise
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See What's Under the Hood at the Volga City Truck Cruise

As the mornings get cooler and the leaves start to turn, the tell-tale signs of autumn approach, promising beautiful views from the Clayton County bluffs. Not to mention, the beginning of a new school year. In late August, one can find school children finishing off their summer bucket list and making the most of the remaining summer sunshine. One event that should be on everybody’s summer bucket list is the Volga City Truck Cruise-- a day dedicated to showing off the classics and testing the strength and durability of various truck models. Hosted every year in Volga, the Truck Cruise is perfect for truck enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to watch burnouts and the famous Tug-A-Truck competition.

I had always heard great memories and experiences at the Volga City Truck Cruise, and I knew I had to check it out for myself. The show and shine had started early in the morning, and rows of trucks were already lined up with owners standing by to check out other trucks, or give their own one last towel rub to make it shine. As far as the eye could see, there were trucks of all makes, all models, and all years from the latest showroom beauties, to the classic models visitors might remember their grandparents driving. I had a great time talking with the drivers, and learning about their interests and where they got their prized possessions from.

While I was chatting with a showman, I could hear the rumble and roar of a powerful engine pull out of the show, and roll over near the river. I must have looked sidetracked, because the man tapped my shoulder and told me about the Figure 8 Freestyle contest that was about to start on the east side of the river. Curious, I strolled over to check out the event. As I approached the river, the tell-tale rumble of an engine and pop from a muffler echoed over the river. A truck made perfectly aligned figure 8's as audience members watched and cheered them on. The scent of exhaust filled the area, and met the senses, which brought me back to truck rides in my dad’s red beater truck.

Later that afternoon, the long line of trucks rolled back into Volga after their cruise, and the Tug-A-Truck Competition was about to begin. People filtered into the event pad as the first two trucks got ready to tug each other. As they idled, the drivers revved up their engines to please the crowd and attempt to intimidate the other driver. When the round began, both trucks floored their vehicles and hoped to gain enough force to pull the other truck and become the victor. Smoke spewed into the air and was beginning to mask the two competitors. Both trucks pulled and tugged with all their might until one just couldn’t tug anymore and a winner was determined. As the smoke cleared, the next two trucks were called up, and the competition continued into the evening.

The Volga City Truck Cruise is a day packed with show-quality trucks, and vehicles ready to leave their competition in the dust. For avid truck enthusiasts, or anyone curious, this is a great event to just sit back and watch drivers do burnouts, freestyle figure 8's, or duke it out to see whose truck is the strongest. This year the event is on August 26th, and goes on for the whole day, 8am-11pm. All proceeds go to the renovation of the Volga City Opera House, and trucks get in for free. Celebrate the late summer days with the people Volga and see all that the Truck Cruise has to offer.


Written by Jayna Felder | Photo Credit to CCDG

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  1. Travel Iowa Team
    Travel Iowa Team
    We hope it's a great event in Volga! Thanks for contributing to the Travel Iowa blog!
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  2. Patrick Muller
    What a great cause -- restoring the Volga Opera House. The opera house was once a shining staple of early 20th-Century Iowa towns. There's also a tractor museum right outside Volga. Do you know anything about that?
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