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Pull out a Lawn Chair and Listen to Music in the Park in Volga City!
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Pull out a Lawn Chair and Listen to Music in the Park in Volga City!

It’s summertime in Clayton County, and across the county there’s always something to do. Weekends are filled with events in the communities, live entertainment, and fun for the whole family. On the second Sunday of each month, Volga City hosts their Music in the Park, bringing local talent to the town for family and friends to listen and dance to. With the Volga River flowing just a couple blocks away, it’s a perfect setting to sit back and listen to music.

As I turned the corner into Volga City, I drove by the town’s beautiful welcome sign. The stone sign featured a beautifully flowing waterfall, with a gentle stream bubbling over the large stones set in front of it, with a beautiful garden surrounding the sign. I went to Volga City for the Music in the Park, though I knew I couldn’t leave without getting a picture with the sign. I pulled onto the shoulder, and snapped a quick picture of the sign before going to the town park.

With a lawn chair in hand, the music had just started and I found a spot close to the stage to listen to the band for that evening. The deep bass and snare drum set the beat, and couples got up to dance to the music. Even those who didn’t dance tapped their toe to the music or nodded their head to the rhythm. In the distance, children played on the playground equipment, following each other down the curly yellow slide and running over to the monkey bars. They were having fun, no doubt, though their screams for fun and joy were no match for the volume of the band.

They played their last song to end the hour, and I decided see the Volga River before leaving the town for the evening. As I approached the river, the gentle sound of the river flowing with the current came to my attention. I sat along the bank of the river, and could smell the faintest hint of river musk as the breeze tickled my face. Both sides of the river bank were outlined with tall bushy trees that gently rustled in the breeze. Feeling brave, I dipped the tip of my toe into the water, and shivered as the cold water brushed against it. I sat at the bank for what felt like hours, but was probably more like twenty minutes, when a brisk evening breeze told me to head home. It was an evening of fun and music in Volga City, and on my way out I was bid adieu by the bubbling stream of the town’s welcome sign.


Written by Jayna Felder | Photo Credit to Volga City

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