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Ottumwa Artists Showcase Artistic Talent, Diverse Interpretations
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Ottumwa Artists Showcase Artistic Talent, Diverse Interpretations

An Ottumwa Area Arts Council fundraiser witnessed a far higher attendance for their event than was expected.

The event was to showcase the work of local artists. Holly Berg, a member of the arts council, thought the threat of snow would mean fewer people would attend, but she was pleasantly surprised. Instead of a low turnout, tables had to be added to host the 100+ guests that showed up.

The "battle of the brushes" artists had 90 minutes to paint a complete picture. As soon as the clock started clicking, off they were adding their Midas-touch to the canvas. It's safe to say they were a fan-favorite.

The engaging conversations that took place between the artists and the audience, amidst the painting process, made the event even more interesting.

The MC, Dennis Willhoit, said that the vote was pretty close when it came to choosing the theme. The preferred choice was ‘lost things,’ while other choices were ‘Wapello County landmarks’ and ‘reflections.’

Various guests were viewing the artwork in their unique ways. One of the attendees, Alisha Torres, was so engrossed in the event, that she took the time to consider each of the ten painters. She said it was fun for her to see the different techniques and different takes on the concept.

While one artist worked quickly but calmly on a dark grove of trees, another artist was painting a forest with ice. The “lost” theme represented places off the beaten path to Torres, since it is easy to get lost in the woods. On the other hand, some artists were painting clocks since lost may also account for the time that slips away.

The clock paintings seemed obvious, keeping in mind the large film screen that displayed the countdown. The diverse interpretations of the same theme showcased the talent that was present in the room and was much appreciated by Alisha Torres, who is a painter herself.

Holly Berg was very proud of the artists and their work and the way the event turned out. She was happy the locals of Iowa had a chance to see the talent that was visible even two-thirds of the way through the 90-minute deadline.

The event fantastically showcased the hidden talent that is present in the southeast Iowa community.

Image credit: Photo by russn_fckr on Unsplash

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