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Let's Talk Turkey . . . and Wine! Pairing Iowa Wine With Your Thanksgiving Meal
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Let's Talk Turkey . . . and Wine! Pairing Iowa Wine With Your Thanksgiving Meal

The Thanksgiving feast: eagerly anticipated and carefully planned, we all have our favorite part of the meal. Perhaps you can’t wait for the stuffing. Or maybe the sweet potatoes are the most desired. Or, do you look forward to the star of the show, the turkey itself? Most of us fill our Thanksgiving menu with traditional favorites; that’s the simple part! But what will you be drinking? The wine pairing can be a bit trickier!

Never fear! Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to try something new in your holiday wine glasses and Iowa wine has just the thing! Our cold winters mean that we grow different types of wine grapes in Iowa. You can pick up your favorite Iowa wine at many different retail locations across the state. Or better yet, stop in to your local winery and have them help you choose!

Find a winery near you by visiting Travel Iowa. You can even embark on the Iowa Wine Trail to find your new favorite wine. So when you’re out shopping for Thanksgiving fixings, look for our varieties in the Iowa Wine section. Your Thanksgiving meal offers a variety of tastes and flavors from sweet to savory; tart to mild. This is your opportunity to try a variety of wines throughout the dinner!

Need some suggestions?

  • Pair your vegetables with a drier white, like LaCrosse or Seyval.
  • Pair your mashed potatoes with a dry red, like Norton or Marquette
  • Pair your turkey with an off-dry white, like Vignoles.
  • Pair your pecan pie with a semi-sweet white, like LaCrescent or a semi-sweet Edelweiss

Here are a few more tips:

  • The food and the wine should complement each other, not compete with each other
  • Red meat is typically paired with bold reds; poultry matches better with rich whites
  • Think about how the food will be prepared; that will affect your wine choice
  • Choose a sweet wine to go with your dessert, as long as your dessert isn’t too sweet!

Our final tip: choose a wine that you and your guests will enjoy! A great wine is about more than what it’s paired with. It’s about the feelings that you get while celebrating the season, making memories and enjoying good company. Knowing that your wine is hand crafted and proudly made by local wine-makers only enhances the experience!

As you sit down to your Thanksgiving meal with family and friends, we invite you to make Iowa wine a part of your holiday tradition. Locally grown and locally made, wine-makers are proud of the wine the produce and they are proud to share that with you!

Cheers to you and your family as we celebrate all that we have to be thankful for!



Photo courtesy of Emily Saveraid

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