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Spooky Destinations Near Cedar Rapids
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Spooky Destinations Near Cedar Rapids

After the fall air starts to get colder, and the leaves start to change, the season of Halloween begins.  While many people search for the best costumes to wear, my friends and I search for the scariest places to travel in Iowa.  A few years ago, two of my best friends, our moms, and I decided to embark on a “Spooky Tour.”  Each year, we try to visit as many spooky places as we can, plus it is a perfect reason to travel around Iowa.  While we have traveled, near and far, this year’s trip lead us to the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City areas. 

Iowa City – Oakland Cemetery

In this quiet cemetery stands a large statue.  The Black Angel, it is called, placed in the cemetery in 1912, and since then, has caused quiet a stir.  The urban legend is to touch or kiss the statue at midnight and you will be met with a curse or death.

Viola – Matsell Bridge

This haunted location is on the National Register of Historic Places.  While there are many stories of family fights, Underground Railroad, and the Matsell Mansion, something or someone is there.  It is said that while crossing the bridge, to shut off you vehicle and see if you can feel your car move.  An unknown force will push you across to the other side.

Cedar Rapids – Oak Hill Cemetery

A young Czech woman named Tillie was buried in this cemetery and is said to walk about area holding a candle. 

Palo – Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

This cemetery is known for the 12 steps that lead to the gates of the cemetery.  The strange this is that at night it appears to be 13 steps.  Many strange occurrences have been known to happen here.

Anamosa – Holy Cross Cemetery

In this cemetery is a tree, which was used for hangings.  The tree is said to have burn marks that have never healed.  Many people who visit have also seen a figure lurking around that looks very similar to the Grim Reaper.

While it is fun to hunt to scary and spooky places, please remember that these are also places of remembrance for many families.  Be careful not to disturb or destroy of the areas that you visit.  Have fun and see if you can find the scariest place in Iowa.




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