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In Loess with Iowa's Lavender Farm
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In Loess with Iowa's Lavender Farm

Lavender. It’s that purple flower that you think you know about. Maybe you have seen a perfume that says lavender on it. Or maybe your shampoo has a “hint of lavender” in it. Lavender is a pretty popular fragrance, but what you may not know is that it can be used for so much more than that.

Last weekend I went to the Loess Hills Lavender Farm in Harrison County, Iowa and from the moment I stepped out of the car I was surrounded by the flowery aroma of lavender. I was ready to pick some flowers, pick up a fragrance and get on my way, but when I walked into the store something totally different happened. There was lavender everything! Things I didn’t even know you could make with lavender, and all of it was absolutely wonderful. Knowing I couldn’t keep this secret to myself, I now present to you:

Four things you didn’t know you could make with lavender:

1. Food:

Obviously, food is going to be number one on my list, as it is number one in my heart. The farm had lavender sugar cookies, lavender fudge and even lavender lemonade. All of it – I might add – was delicious. Lavender can be used as a spice for many different kinds of recipes. Anything from salmon to brownies can be enhanced with lavender, giving your taste buds the kick they were asking for. 

2. Healing:

Lavender, before the age of medication, was known to be a healer. People who were sick with respiratory and other kinds of infections would be given lavender to help them begin to feel better. Lavender is still a natural healer and is many times put in creams and lotions to help heal areas of dry skin. 

3. Repellant:

It keeps the critters away. While lavender does attract butterflies and sometimes bees, it repels other bugs and animals who may eat it. If you are growing lavender you will not have to worry about deer, rabbits or any other pesky varmint getting into your garden, because they hate the stuff. It’s a win/win. Beautiful and keeps the pests away.

4. Beauty:

Last but definitely not least, is beauty. Like mentioned before, lavender is a natural healer, but it also can help diminish dark circles and are a good source of aromatherapy. Wearing an eye mask with lavender in it can work wonders on the body without making you do any of the work. It does it all while you are sleeping! As if lavender wasn’t good enough before with its magnificent purple beauty, now there is really no reason not to fall in love with this Iowa-grown herb.

-Katie Titus

For more information on the Loess Hills Lavender Farm, visit

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  1. Travel Iowa Team
    Travel Iowa Team
    Who doesn't love lavender? An Iowa lavender farm? Lovely! Thanks for this great post!
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