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Hollywood Loves Iowa: 4 Fantastic Movies Filmed in the Hawkeye State
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Hollywood Loves Iowa: 4 Fantastic Movies Filmed in the Hawkeye State

 Flyover state or not, Iowa has been the host of several movie sets. Not only have there been many classic movies filmed in the hawkeye state, filmmakers continue to seek out the beauty of the Iowa landscape.  Serene, iconic, and potentially eerie corn fields and an abundantly charming country culture mingle perfectly within the pages of some of the most celebrated scripts in Hollywood. 

The powerful contrast between the exuberance of urban life in the state, and the mellower country living which surrounds Iowa cities, create truly fascinating filming possibilities.  Here are four fantastic films from Iowa.

Children of the Corn, 1984 

This creepy classic by legendary author Stephen King was shot in several different Iowa towns including the tiny towns of Whiting. and Hornick. The famed service station in the movie is no longer standing, though.  The city (Salix) dismantled the building sometime before 1990. A church in Sioux City was also featured in the film.

The frightening scenes shot in the corn fields of Iowa are enough to give anyone goosebumps. 

Field of Dreams, 1989

Most people are already aware of the fact that the classic baseball film was filmed in the fields of Iowa. What they may not know, is that the main setting of the movie, the baseball field and surrounding area, is still very well kept and beautiful, and remains accessible for touring. It’s time for a road trip! The town of Dyersville was the main location for the majority of the filming that occurred in Iowa. There are available tours of the actual set and a small gift shop for browsing. The destination is open to the public daily from 9 am to 8 pm. 


Twister, 1996

Nominated for Best Sound and Best Effects/Visual at the Academy Awards in 1997, the action-packed tornado flick is definitely a five-star feature out of Iowa. This film pioneered major growth in the world of visual effects. Not to mention, it's pretty difficult to forget that flying cow. The film was also first movie to ever be released on DVD. Film locations in Iowa include Ames, Boone, Eldora, and Whitten. The storm-chasing duo played by Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton are rumored to have truly enjoyed the culture and cuisine of the area. 

The Crazies, 2010

This more recent horror release was a remake of an older movie by the same name.  While the story is actually set in Iowa, but only part of it was filmed on location. The baseball field used in several scenes of the movie is located in Lenox

A few years have passed since filming wrapped on this one, but many features of the filming location are still exactly the same. Visiting the old field in Lenox is eerie after viewing the movie. Visions of the film's infected townsfolk may seep into your memory permanently when you see this place in real life.


Image Source: Flying Cow

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    Travel Iowa Team
    What a fantastic post! Thanks for contributing to the Travel Iowa blog!
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  2. Tyaegerphoto
    Don't forget The Bridges of Madison County, filmed in Winterset, Iowa!
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  3. teresein
    Field of Dreams is my all time favorite movie. I have watched this movie many times. Now one can watch all latest movies and shows for free on MediaBox HD app. Get it from
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  4. jamsi
    Twister, 1996 is my repeat mode movie which I watch unlimited times without getting bored. It's one of the finest movie I have watched in BeeTV App which is fantastic app in movie streaming. You can download from
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