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4 Fun Facts About Cardinals
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4 Fun Facts About Cardinals

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved the outdoors. I even have candles called 'Iowa Pine' and they smell just like our Pine trees! Because of my love for nature, I decided to start an Instagram page about it. Photographing, editing and posting my own photos that I take while on my hikes has been a blast these past few days, and with the feedback and support I have gotten, I figured, "Why not blog about it?!" I mean writing is something I love to do. So, here we are. Welcome to my Nature Blog! This is Nature With Emily and I, as you probably already know, am Emily! 

Cardinals are a bird I never saw much of until recently. I always thought it was so cool and rare to see one. I would get so excited. "Look mom! A Cardinal!" I'd yell from the passenger seat while driving down the road. For my first post, let's take it easy. Here are four fun facts about Cardinals:

1) Cardinals eat mostly seeds, berries, and insects. They even eat snails! Gross!

2) The male Cardinal sings to defend its nesting territory and even attacks other males who come too close. He's even been known to attack his reflection he sees in a window or mirror. 

3) When a male and female Cardinal are in a courtship, they swag back and forth, with their heads high and sing softly together. Isn't that cute?!

4) Cardinals are one of the most popular birds and are even the state bird in 7/50 of the U.S. states, all in the eastern part of the U.S. No real surprise there since Cardinals are more common in the eastern United States and grow in popularity the further southeast you go. 

Those are some cool facts! A few things I didn't know, like, they eat snails. I'll never get over that one. Yuck! Anyway, thank you for joining me! See you soon! 

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  1. Emily Wheelock
    Emily Wheelock
    Side note: A friend of mine told me that Cardinals are also a representation of a visitor from Heaven!
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