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Ending the Rodeo Days with a BANG! It's the Demolition Derby in Clayton County!
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Ending the Rodeo Days with a BANG! It's the Demolition Derby in Clayton County!

Closing out the Annual Pro Rodeo Days, Edgewood hosts the Demolition Derby to end the festivities with a bang! With dirt already kicked up by bulls all weekend long, the arena is set for derby cars to tear up the dirt one last time to close the Rodeo season. It’s an action-packed way to round out a weekend full of excitement, so there’s never a dull moment when the Rodeo Days are on in Clayton County.

Before I saved my spot at the arena for the Demo, I made sure to swing into the Edgewood Fire Department first to support the local firemen at their annual breakfast before going to the arena. The firehouse was filled with Edgewood community members with plates of fluffy pancakes smothered in sweet maple syrup. Everybody was excited to see whose derby car would last the longest, and whose car would be the first to face the music.

Once I was stuffed with delicious pancakes, I was lucky to get a seat in the stadium for the Demo as people were filing in looking for an open spot. The derby cars were all lined up along the length of the arena, staring each other own as their engines roared throughout the stadium; the drivers making sure to impress the crowd, and intimidate their opponents. The engines went silent, and the crowd’s cheering simmered to an excited whisper, and the cars roared back to life as the derby began.

The demo cars accelerated toward one another in an effort to crush the competition. The loud burst of the engines brought the arena to life, and the audience cheered them on as they smashed into each other’s frames. One by one, the drivers were finding their cars could no longer run, and the number of cars still able to continue dwindled down until the last few remaining put their vehicles to the ultimate test. Pushing other cars to hopefully get the upper hand, the final two cars duked it out in the arena, until one last vehicle could run no longer. The winner had been decided, and the crowd cheered on the winner as he climbed out of the car for applause.

A thrilling way to end the Annual Rodeo Days, the Demolition Derby was a fun and exciting spectacle made possible by the Edgewood community. This year the Demolition Derby takes place on the 25th of June, closing out the Rodeo Days, and should be as exciting as ever as they celebrate 30 years of Rodeo Days. Whether you’ve got a lasso ready or you’re ready to shift gears, the Rodeo Days are just around the corner, and I hope to see you there this year.


Written by Jayna Felder | Photo credit to The Annual Edgewood Pro Rodeo Days

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    Travel Iowa Team
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