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Coca-Cola Memorabilia
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Coca-Cola Memorabilia

Atlantic is home to a Coca-Cola bottling plant that serves much of central and southwest Iowa, and as a nod to this major employer, the community has opened a bright and cheery Coca-Cola museum on Chestnut Street.

Next to the Nike “Swoosh,” the Coca-Cola logo is considered the most recognizable logo in the world. Walking through the museum and studying some of the history of Coke, it’s easy to see why.

Over the years, the Coca-Cola logo has been plastered on just about anything imaginable— from lunch boxes and jukeboxes to children’s fishing reels and bobbers. And remember those delightful Christmas posters with Santa happily holding a bottle of Coke?

Dolly Bergman, a volunteer at the museum, explained how Coke became a worldwide phenomenon. During WWII, the company wanted to give a taste of home to our soldiers overseas. But rather than shipping pop across the oceans, they set up bottling facilities there. After the war was over, the bottling plants remained. Pretty smart marketing.

Another thing that struck a chord with us was the collection of glass Coke bottles. Most pop comes in aluminum cans or plastic containers nowadays, and just holding one of those distinctively shaped Coke bottles in our hands brought back memories of pulling a “cold one” out of the chest-type pop machine at the local gas station.

“Ahhh—the pause that refreshes!”

This content previously appeared in the popular “Road Trip” series in Our Iowa Magazine. Learn more about the publication at

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