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Celebrate the Midsummer Weather at Plagman Barn
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Celebrate the Midsummer Weather at Plagman Barn

In the rural countryside of Clayton County lies an antique barn most well known for their show days in September. At Plagman Barn near Garber and Elkport, summer is time when they host a few events to welcome people to the grounds before the fun and excitement of the show days in the fall. The main barn is opened up for a midsummer dance, so get ready to put on your dance shoes and grab a partner for an afternoon of dancing.

The sky was clear and blue as the sun was near its peak, casting its warm summer rays over the farm grounds. Inside the main barn, sandwiches and ice cream were served to guests, giving everybody the fuel they’d need to dance all afternoon. The sweet, creamy ice cream was the perfect way to keep me cool, and its mellow vanilla fragrance resonated in my senses. In the barn, children and adults of all ages enjoyed their treats before the music began; some children hadn’t even waited for the music to begin and were already dancing around on the floor!

By 12:30, the country band was set up and ready to play for the afternoon. Their music filled the barn with melodic guitar and a steady bass drum kick to keep the beat. Couples had come together to dance a simple two-step with one another, and children chased each other around the barn in a game of tag. I found a group of people dancing on their own, and joined them to form a simple square dancing group in the middle of the dance floor. All afternoon I had danced with people I had hardly known, and I had a great time dancing my shoes off with new friends.

As the time passed, I needed to give my feet a break so I strolled over to the country market, which they had opened for the special occasion. I poked my head inside, and noticed the vast array of antique goods and finds displayed throughout the market. I scoured the shelves of antique spice canisters, and found a can of whole cloves that was in nearly pristine condition. I gave the can a light shake, and the sound of cloves hitting the sides of the canister with a light ‘tink!’ told me there was still product inside. The country market had more than antiques; they also sold various locally produced goods and crafts made by local artists.

On a bright summer day, there’s nothing like spending an afternoon dancing in an antique show barn. Plagman Barn will have their main barn and country market open on August 13th this year with music provided by “Sounds of Nashville,” and free food for guests. It’s an afternoon of fun, dancing, and socializing before the Show Days in September.

Written by Jayna Felder | Photo Credit to Garber

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  1. Travel Iowa Team
    Travel Iowa Team
    What a wonderful Iowa summer event. Thanks for contributing to the Travel Iowa blog!
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