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Bringing the Best Show on Dirt, it's Edgewood's 30th Annual Pro Rodeo Days!
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Bringing the Best Show on Dirt, it's Edgewood's 30th Annual Pro Rodeo Days!

Here come the riders and the bulls, geared up and ready for another year of Rodeo Days! Every year, Edgewood puts on their Annual Pro Rodeo Days Celebration, a community effort bringing Clayton County the best show on dirt on the last weekend of June. This year will mark the 30th year of the community of Edgewood bringing a weekend of heart-throbbing action to Clayton County, and is bound to be their best ride yet.

My day at the Rodeo Days was full of fun and excitement, ‘oos’ and ‘aahs’, and plenty of of dirt-kicking action. I had to go in early if I wanted a seat up front; once the show started there was only standing room left! The pre-Rodeo show featured Mutton Busters, a competition for children to see who could stay on the sheep the longest, and a rodeo clown to add hilarious commentary as kids held on for as long as they could. Every time a child got on that sheep, it would run as hard as it could to the other side of the arena in an effort to knock the kids off. Children riding the sheep would bounce along on their backs and either slip off the it’s back, or hold on just long enough for it to calm back down. While the broncos bucked and the sheep ran around the stadium, the rodeo clown made me laugh so hard I completely missed one the moment a man got bucked off his horse!  

The riders for the evening were introduced, and the crowd cheered on their favorite riders as they lined up for the singing of the National Anthem. Everybody stood and the air grew silent when a local talent sang our nation’s song, her voice filling the arena while the flag was risen overhead.

As each rider prepared for their eight full seconds of heart-pumping action, I was at the edge of my seat in anticipation to see if the next rider would last longer than the previous. As each new rider started their ride, everyone had their eyes glued to the action. The bull kicked up dirt, causing the mud and dirt to rain over the bleachers, and the crowd listened carefully for the buzzer to signify the rider’s eight seconds of a successful ride. After the buzzer rang through the stadium, the crowd roared in applause for the rider as he jumped off the bull’s back and ran out of the arena to celebrate his victorious ride.

The night was full of excitement, heart-pumping action, and relief that the riders left the night unscathed. After the last ride and the announcement of a winner, fireworks shot into the night sky and filled the darkness with burst of color and light. I admired the sparkling spectacle above as the cascading lights shimmered and dimmed, closing the end of an exciting night. It was an evening that left me hanging on the edge of my seat, and it was a thrill to see who would be the one to hang on the longest. As the fireworks glimmered in the night, I knew I would have to come back next year to celebrate their 30th anniversary.


Written by Jayna Felder |Photo Credit to Annual Edgewood Rodeo Days

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