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An Apple a Day, the Iowa Way
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An Apple a Day, the Iowa Way

An apple a day

Over the last week, I have been gathering content from apple orchards in Iowa. I stopped at two different places, one at Small’s Fruit Farm in Mondamin and the other at Deal’s Orchard in Jefferson. Now I’m not the biggest fan of apples, or fruit in general really unless it’s on a pizza, so arriving at these places to learn more about apples didn’t sound super awesome… until I got there.

I have learned in the last couple of days that apples make more than a healthy breakfast option, or in my case, a lovely table centerpiece. You can make all kinds of delicious foods using apples-- foods that will please even those like me who aren't fruit lovers.

First, the most obvious one (I’m sure), is caramel apples. Why have a plain apple when you can jab a stick through it and cover it in unhealthy toppings? I watched the making of caramel apples at Small’s Fruit Farm and I couldn’t wait to get my paws on one!

While of course all of the apples at Small’s are not made into caramel apples, some others are made into pies or other sweet treats and some are sent to the local – or not so local – grocery stores. Small’s Fruit Farm even sends apples to local and regional zoos. Cute!

On my next adventure at Deal’s Orchard in Jefferson, I discovered even more great foods and drinks to make with apples. When I arrived, I had the chance to record the cooking staff making apple donuts.

Mind. Blown.

The smell of these donuts should be in the form of a Yankee Candle so that everyone can experience it, and the taste of the donuts now ranks pretty highly on my list of favorites. Just when I thought this day wasn’t going to get any better, they started making apple pies.

Deal’s doesn’t make the average apple pie. The recipe has been passed down for generations and includes things I wouldn’t even think of, such as Red Hots candies, to create the perfect taste.

This orchard is about so much more than just food though. It is a family that came together to create something for everyone to enjoy. From the jumping pillow, the giant slide, and the goat feeding, Deal’s has fun for every age.

If you would have asked me last week if I wanted an apple, I would have definitely said “no,” but after seeing some of the things that can be made from an apple, and all of the fun you can have at an apple orchard, I would definitely consider myself a fan.

To learn more about apple orchards in Iowa or to see how some of these recipes are made, go to


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  1. Travel Iowa Team
    Travel Iowa Team
    What a positively delicious fall post! Thanks for contributing to the Travel Iowa blog!
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