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'American Idol' Finalist Maddie Poppe Returns to Iowa
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'American Idol' Finalist Maddie Poppe Returns to Iowa

Residence of Clarksville gathered at the town square on Tuesday, May 15, some wearing "Maddie Poppe"- marked shirts in a large number of hues or conveying signs including slogans cheering Maddie Poppe, who arrived in"American Idol" stretch limousine

Poppe, 20, is one of three hopefuls to be voted to the finals of "American Idol." The winner gets a recording contract with Hollywood Records and a $250,000 grand cash prize.

Joe Vaughn of Story City, made his own particular shirts with the inscription "Team Sign Me," and his signature was Maddie Poppe's on the front.

"I adore how humble she is," Vaughn stated, taking note that she was kind enough to sign a photograph the two had already taken. "She deserve success."

In any case, maybe nobody was more happy than Poppe herself, who arrived just before 3 p.m. on Tuesday for a short introduction with Mayor Val Swinton.

"I truly can't believe this," she said. "The love i am shown is simply fantastic. Much thanks to everyone. It's great to be home."

A lot of successful local entrepreneurs gave her gifts, including Prairie Rose Fabrics proprietor Holly Fokkena, who gave Poppe a quilt.

"I'm not generally an unscripted tv individual," Fokkena said. "Be that as it may, for this, you need to."

She and others were certain Poppe would win Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Gabby Barrett to get hold of the "Idol" crown. Poppe noted she was thankful for their help.

"This community has been so suppotive, I'm not shocked by this show of love," Poppe said. "We as a whole constantly back each other, regardless of what anyone is going through."

Mayor Swinton declared Tuesday as "Maddie Poppe Day," because Poppe had created "positive awareness" of the town.

"You actually have put us on the map," said Swinton, noticing his niece in South Carolina posted on Facebook that her uncle was the mayor. "Out of the blue, as a result of you, I have an extremely cool position."

"I've generally needed a vacation!" Poppe said. "You comprehend what that implies, kids — you get off school! Also, you can take off work as well!"

"Watch it — you're going to become a mayor," Swinton said.

Poppe got enthusiastic looking at being surprised by cohorts of hers from the Class of 2016 when she went to her old high school on Tuesday morning, and also hearing the primary school students sing "Rainbow Connection," the tune she tried out with.

"Such a large number of you around here have extremely bolstered me since the very beginning, since I sang 'Landslide' in the gym the first time, or when I would get up with my father's band at Pioneer Days and sing 'Sweet Child of Mine,'" Poppe said. "You all aren't simply getting on board with me now; you're not simply supporting me because I'm on the show. You guys truly have been there for this whole thing. It means everything to me."

She and her family likewise gave a parade down the downtown extend of North Main Street on Tuesday at 5 p.m. Mike Kramer, who claims Pete and Shorty's along the course, sold sausage, whelps and refreshments to the group while Poppe's "Idol" tunes played on a speaker.

"She's the full bundle — lyricist, vocalist, artist," Kramer said.

Signs were copious along the course, including Cyndy Christensen of Rockwell, who composed on hers: "We might not have any stoplights in Butler Co., but rather we do have a sparkling star."

"It's just amazing for an Iowa town," said her coworker, Noreen Wiegmann. "A small-town girl getting this opportunity — it's just cool."

Image credit: Iowa News

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