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Amazing Homes and Architecture Across Iowa
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Amazing Homes and Architecture Across Iowa

You might be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t spent time fantasizing about their dream home. For me, the house of my dreams is a beautiful Primrose Yellow with a few bedrooms, a small library, but most importantly, a yard that has plenty of space for peony bushes and a few dogs. Iowa’s architecture, historic buildings, and distinct homes will offer you plenty of fodder for all your housing dreams. You’ll definitely want to bring along your camera to snap some pictures so that you can pull plenty of inspiration from these unique houses and architecture found within

 — big and small.

From the Big Dreams

If luxury, expensive homes are what you find yourself daydreaming about, look no further than these homes of the Iowa rich. These homes are serious goals if big, head-turning homes are your cup of tea. In particular, there is a classic brick, riverfront, nearly 7,000 square foot home that will have you feeling transported to the era of excessive luxury, but in the best way possible. Located in Dubuque, this castle-like home is worth visiting if only to help you imagine the life of drinking fancy coffee, in your fancy robe, next to your fancy fireplace, in front of your jaw-dropping floor-to-ceiling window. If you’re less into castle aesthetics and instead tend to dream about Georgian architecture, jumping in the car and heading to Iowa City might be your answer. This home has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, but the grandeur of the home’s exterior is enough to have you creating inspiration boards and checking the internet to see what college degree is currently paying the highest. If only we all had a few million dollars lying around …    

To the Tiny Ones

Considering that many of us don’t happen to have a few million dollars in our bank account or happen to be the favorite nephew of a wealthy but lonely great aunt, traveling to Iowa to check out their tiny home villages can give you the same goals as the luxury homes, albeit perhaps more realistic ones.

TinyFest Midwest is not only a catchy name for a house parade but as you can guess, focuses on the unique beauty that is tiny homes! A weekend trip to Colfax to check out the display of 20 tiny homes might be right up your alley, but sadly TinyFest Midwest is not every weekend, so plan accordingly. Moreover, visiting Iowa’s tiny home festival might really give you the itch to buy your first home, considering the many benefits tiny homes offer (one of them being that they’re cheaper than the average home). Drawing inspirations from these tiny homes might just be the first step you need to take in order to truly appreciate the possibility of becoming a tiny homeowner.

To the Ones That Never Go Out of Style

Of all the housing daydreams we can think of, Iowa offers some seriously incredible national historic landmarks that will transport you back in time while still giving you those future home goals. A drive past these Iowa landmarks will surely have your Pinterest boards blooming with traditional and timeless pieces. Imagine being able to reside in a place such as the Old Capitol building in Iowa City (except maybe with a rooftop solar power system or something — because, wow, the utility bill for that place is likely out of this world).

Or imagine living in one of Council Bluffs historic landmark, specifically the beautiful tiered house General Grenville M. Dodge, aka the “greatest railroad builder of all time,” once owned. Also, you’d get to be neighbors with one of the most notable and classy-looking monuments in Iowa: the Golden Spike. People would travel to your house to swoon and take pictures if you found yourself owning any of these historic, time-withstanding homes and landmarks. While none of these places are due to hit the residential market anytime soon, we can dream, right?

Whether you’re about to purchase your first home or are still daydreaming, Iowa offers an endless amount of housing inspiration that can spice up any of your housing goals. Escaping for a weekend or two will give you plenty of motivation to start planning (and building!) the house of your dreams.

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