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A Bike Ride with a View Along the Great River Road
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A Bike Ride with a View Along the Great River Road

The Great River Road will lead you through ten states along the Mississippi River, and each state comes with its own attractions and must-stop places. In Iowa, the Great River Road winds down Clayton County’s eastern border and the communities along the river all have a wide variety of shops to visit and sites to see. In Marquette, the road runs along the edge of the town and turns to a long chain of beautiful towering bluffs. I started my cycling journey just a few miles north of the small town, and the weather was perfect for a bike ride.

With my helmet secure and my laces tightened, I kicked off the street and peddled along the Great River Road. The breeze blowing off the river made the vibrant green leaves in the trees rustle, and it kept me cool and energized to keep pedaling forward. Cars rushed by me, and the wind blowing from their vehicles would whistle in my ear. It was an invigorating experience to be able to cycle right next to the Mississippi River as it shimmered under the sunlight. The road was rather flat, so it was a relaxing ride and I was able to enjoy the experience of being surrounded by rustling bluffs on one side, and a rushing river on the other. Time had flown by so quickly I suddenly found myself rounding the corner into Marquette.

I followed the corner into town and came across my final destination, Eagles Landing Winery. I hopped off my bike and walked it over to the building to rest while I went in to sample their locally produced wine. I sipped a glass of their Mrs. Sippi, and found it only fitting to drink it after a ride along the Mississippi River. The semi-sweet taste of the red wine made with locally harvested grapes was just what I needed to end a beautiful ride along the Great River Road.

If you’re an avid biker, there’s a wonderful opportunity to win amazing prizes by the Mississippi River Parkway Commission! To enter, just ‘like’ the Great River Road Facebook page and provide basic contact information for a chance to win. One grand prize winner will be selected at random to receive a Great River Road prize package that includes a $250 prepaid credit card, a jacket from the Great River Road store, and a copy of the 10-State Great River Roadmap. It’s the perfect time to go for a bike ride, and biking along the Mighty Mississippi River is an amazing experience you wouldn’t want to pass up.


Written by Jayna Felder | Photo Credit to the Clayton County Development Group

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