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Blogging Best Practices

Keep in mind that this blog is about traveling Iowa! Your post should help others recreate what you’ve seen, done, experienced or loved about being in the state. Here are some examples of ways that you can do that: provide directions, links, suggestions about what to bring, where to park, etc. Anything that might help a traveler learn what to expect if they choose to visit!

Use Correct Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation
Editing your blog post for spelling, grammar and punctuation is key. Please make sure your writing is clear and in proper English - this not only helps to ensure we'll display it on the site, but it also increases the likelihood folks will follow and vote for you.

Don’t Forget Formatting
Shorter paragraphs are easier to read and bold headlines can help guide readers through your post. If your blog post looks really text-heavy, try bold headlines, italics for emphasis or even bullet points to break it up a bit visually. Your readers (especially those on a mobile device) will thank you.

Be Original
We want your content to be completely original. While doing research and linking to other articles, blogs or websites are wonderful practices - your words must be completely your own. This also means that the work you submit to us cannot appear anywhere else on the internet; even your own blog or site.

Stay Relevant
It's important that all of your blog posts be site-specific. What does that mean? Well, as the name suggests, Travel Iowa is dedicated to this great state. Stay true to that. Staying relevant gives your work a higher likelihood of being a compelling read.

Be Timely
All blog posts pertaining to an event should be submitted two weeks before the event takes place. Keep in mind that it could take up to two days for your blog post to appear on Travel Iowa and that your readers need plenty of time to plan ahead if they choose to attend the event. 

Share Facts and Link
Research is an important part of the writing process. Having all of your facts straight makes for a more readable and shareable blog post. Don't be afraid to include links in your blog post to the web pages where you read up on your chosen topic. If there's a resource you think will help your readers, link to it.

Select a Beautiful Image
Choose a GREAT photo. Beautiful photos do wonders for getting your blog post the attention it deserves. You only have a few seconds to grab a reader's attention. They'll often decide whether or not they're going to read your work based largely in part on the corresponding image. This also boosts interest when you share your blog post link across social media sites. Be sure the image you use is clear, attractive, and appropriate for your piece. Then sit back and watch the readers swoon.

Use a Kind Tone and Appropriate Length
Every great piece of writing has a beginning, middle and an end; no matter how short. Give each blog post a strong intro to pull readers in and give them specific and interesting content to grasp onto. When in doubt, aim for about 500 words. And always be conscious of the tone your using. Aggressive, inappropriate, offensive or isolating posts will be removed.




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