Top 5 NEW Features

I may be biased, but you’re about to visit the coolest website you’ve been to in a while – at least the best one you’ve seen this month.

Go ahead – click here – I’ll wait.

Website Home PageAre you back? Well, what did you think?

We have been working hard over the last few months to refresh the content and functionality of our website. And we were so excited for last week’s website launch that we had a party! Donuts may or may not have been involved. (They definitely were).

What’s changed on the site? Here are my top five new features:

  1. Get Playing
    What kind of adventure are you looking for in Iowa? Want to take your kids on a fresh and farm-tastic adventure? Maybe your girlfriends want a stylish and spectacular getaway. Either way – fill in the blanks of your trip with our handy, personalized suggestions. Try a few combos and see what you find!Mad-Libs-Feature
  2. Get Inspired
    Are you a bicyclist? Wine aficionado? On the hunt for locally-sourced food? Want off the beaten path vacation ideas? Check out our Get Inspired section, full of ideas and suggestions for whatever your interest.
    Get Inspired
  3. Getaways
    Maybe you’re more the type that wants things planned out for you. We’ve got that too! Check out weekend getaways from across the state, road trips featuring the spectacular beauty of Iowa and vacation plans with families in mind – and more in our Getaways section.Getaways
  4. Get Mobile
    Talk to a web developer about their job and you’ll hear “mobile-friendly” and “responsive design” within the first thirty seconds of the conversation. We are proud to say now works exactly the same on your mobile phone, iPad and desktop computer.Responsive-Design
  5. Get Exploring
    On some of the main search pages, you’ll notice the “exploration bar.” We’re randomly featuring all of the attractions on our site through a photo slideshow. See something you like? Click on the photo and see what you’ll find.Exploration Bar 2

Well, what are you waiting for? Plan your getaway to Iowa today – we can’t wait to welcome you.

- Amy Zeigler, Digital Marketing Manager, Iowa Tourism Office

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