The World Food Prize Hall of Laureates

“One in seven people in the world –almost one billion — will go to bed hungry tonight.”  - World Food Prize Hall of Laureates

World Food Prize Hall of Laureates

This statement is really hard to comprehend, when most of us reading this blog will go to bed with a full stomach and plenty of food in our cupboards.

The World Food Prize, housed in the former Des Moines Public Library, recently opened the Hall of Laureates Education Wing to the public. The Hall creates an enlightening experience with interactive displays and stations that chronicle the work of Dr. Norman E. Borlaug and the Laureates that have attained agricultural achievements to help feed the world. The entire building tells the story of agriculture throughout the world. Be sure to look up to the original dome skylight in the rotunda that boasts 10,000 pieces of stained glass (all were cleaned and repaired during the building’s renovation.)

World Food Prize          World Food Prize

The Hall of Laureates tells a powerful narrative of how scientists develop special strains of crops to thrive in various climates to feed the world.  It also explains how they educate farmers throughout the world about raising and processing wheat, soybeans, corn and rice for nourishment and to stave off hunger.

Dr. Borlaug, an Iowa native, is recognized for having, “saved more lives than any other person who has ever lived.” Through his dedication and research, Dr. Borlaug received three major awards: the Congressional Gold Medal, the U.S. Medal of Freedom and the Nobel Peace Prize. It was also recently announced that a statue of Dr. Borlaug will be installed at the U.S. Capitol in March.

 “40 Chances” by Howard G. Buffett

While you’re there, be sure to stop up to the second floor to experience “40 Chances,” a photo exhibit by Howard G. Buffett. According to Buffett, “Each of us has about 40 chances to accomplish our goals in life.”  The photos reveal a powerful story of “the daily life of the world’s poor, conditions that individuals around the world face while struggling to overcome hunger, poverty or conflict and the importance of water – one of our planet’s most critical resources.”

Learn more and plan your visit here.

LuAnn Reinders  |  Research and Welcome Center Manager
Iowa Tourism Office

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