Iowa’s Top 20 Lakes

Beating the heat, at this point, may be impossible – your best bet is to accept the temps and make the best of a sticky [forgive the pun] situation!

Recently, we stumbled upon the Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ list of Iowa’s top 20 lakes – and what better time to plan a weekend getaway, than a long weekend with record-breaking temps?

Here they are:

20. Swan Lake
19. Black Hawk Lake
18. Lake Geode [pictured below]:

Lake Geode

17. Easter Lake
16. Lake Ahquabi [pictured below]:

Lake Ahquabi

15. Brushy Creek Lake
14. Lake Manwa
13. Pleasant Creek Lake
12. George Wyth Lake [pictured below]:

George Wyth Lake

11. Storm Lake
10. Lake Rathbun [pictured below]:

Lake Rathbun

9. Spirit Lake
8. Lake Macbride [pictured below]:

Lake MacBride

7. East Lake Okoboji
6. Red Rock
5. Big Creek Lake
4. West Lake Okoboji [pictured below]: 

W. Okoboji

3. Clear Lake
2. Coralville Lake [pictured below]:


AND the MOST popular lake in Iowa is… [drum roll please!]
1. Saylorville Lake [pictured below]:

Saylorville Lake











So pack the cooler, grab the family and hit the road to enjoy one of Iowa’s top 20 lakes this holiday weekend.

Not hitting the water? Check out our digital travel guide and events calendar for additional travel ideas! What’s your “beat the heat” plan?

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2 thoughts on “Iowa’s Top 20 Lakes

  1. Brian Downing
    August 28, 2013 at 11:15 am

    This list must have been compiled by # of users per year. If you are listing the 20 BEST lakes in Iowa, West Lake Okoboji has to be #1. Not even close. :-)

      August 28, 2013 at 11:19 am

      You are correct, Brian – this list is of the top 20 lakes by visitation! Sorry if that wasn’t clear! Thanks for sharing your favorite lake with us – have a great weekend.

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