Mike’s Picks – Week Three

The very first Maid Rite sandwich was created in 1926 by butcher Fred Angell. He worked to get just the right combination of a special cut and grind of meat and a selected blend of spices. The first sandwich was given to a deliveryman who ate it and exclaimed, “This sandwich is made right.”

Muscatine Maid Rite

Unfortunately, as the joke goes, Fred wasn’t much of a speller and therefore Maid Rite was born. Maid Rite’s seasoned, loose meat sandwiches are made from 100% USDA Midwestern fresh ground beef served on a fresh white or wheat bun.

Muscatine Maid Rite

Maid Rite is a featured destination in the Iowa Lottery’s newest game with Mike Wolfe, original American Picker. In the second chance drawing, the Iowa Lottery will be giving away various prizes including items from Mike’s favorite Iowa picks. Mike’s picks are being revealed weekly until the drawing at the end of June. Come back to our blog each Friday to learn about his favorite Iowa locations! Learn more about the Mike’s Picks game here.

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