Iowa’s Best Breaded Tenderloin for 2011

Since 2003, the Iowa Pork Producers AssociationBuck's Bar and Grill has named a Best Breaded Tenderloin in the state. (Except for in 2004 when they named the best grilled version.) I’ve devoured six of the award-winners, indulging in the current winner just last month at Buck’s Bar and Grill in Mitchellville.

Truthfully, I’m really not much of a tenderloin fan. It’s not something I typically order while dining out, but for some reason I’m drawn to trying the award winners.

I arrived at Buck’s about 1 p.m. and hungry. Which was a good thing because the tenderloins are huge. I’m talking spilling way out of the bun huge. Did I mention it’s also served with fries? It took me a while, but I did manage to eat the whole tenderloin. And I have to say, it was quite delicious!

Best Pork Tenderloin 2010

Here’s the full list of winners. How many have you had? Where do you think the best tenderloin is?

2003 – Darrell’s Place, Hamlin
2004 – Suburban Restaurant, Ames (grilled)
2005 – Dairy Sweet, Dunlap
2006 – The Town House Supper Club, Wellsburg
2007 – Larsen’s Pub, Elk Horn
2008 – Augusta Restaurant, Oxford
2009 – Goldie’s Ice Cream Shoppe, Prairie City
2010 – Buck’s Bar & Grill, Mitchellville
2011 – Gramma’s Kitchen, Walcott
2012 – Breitbach’s Country Dining, Balltown

- Jessica O’Riley, Iowa Tourism Office

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One thought on “Iowa’s Best Breaded Tenderloin for 2011

  1. Rachel
    September 17, 2013 at 2:02 pm

    Best tenderloin to me is from Saints in West Des Moines…. Oh my goodness, truly the best one I’ve EVER had, hands down!!!

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