A Travel Iowa New Year!


Did you keep your resolutions from last year? Yeah… us either! BUT – we have a plan!

This year, we want to give you some resolutions that are guaranteed fun and will help you keep the most important resolution: to spend more quality time with family and friends!

We are challenging you to set a travel resolution! Here are some Iowa bucket-list ideas to get you started:

  • Iowa is home to some unique attractions – but how many are the biggest, smallest, tallest and crookedest of their kind? More than you think! Visit all of these locations to go on your own hunt for world records.
Iowa's Largest Frying Pan

Iowa’s Largest Frying Pan

  • Plan to spend some time at all of Iowa’s State Parks – lots of them have fun winter activities to keep you and the family busy!
  • How about a stop at all of the spots in Iowa listed on the National Register of Historic Places? Or check out some of Iowa’s unique Civil War history.
  • This summer one my colleague’s brother, his wife and four daughters began an epic Iowa journey. They are determined to hit all of Iowa’s 99 counties to see the 100 county courthouses. (That’s not a typo, Lee County has two county seats).
Bergman Clan at Madison County Courthouse

Bergman Clan at Madison County Courthouse

  • Every year the Iowa Beef Industry tells us where we can find the best burger in Iowa. This year’s winner is in Mediapolis, but we wouldn’t blame you for planning to stop and eat at each of the top 10 restaurants.
    61 Chop Black Crown Burger

    61 Chop Black Crown Burger

    Finding fun along the way is the ultimate goal of one of these quests. You’re sure to wind up spending time somewhere you didn’t expect to find. Our state is full of beautiful parks, unique bridges, fun festivals, enchanting gardens and charming town squares.

    These quests are not unique – We’ve heard lots of travel bucket-lists.  Are you traveling Iowa with a mission to experience all of something? Share it in the comments below.

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