Forget the cooking and the dishes.

Dine out this Thanksgiving.

Many cooks have a love-hate relationship with the Thanksgiving holiday.  They love the idea of making all those yummy dishes and pleasing their families, but hate the hours of labor in the kitchen and the mountains of dishes that result.

Then there’s the pressure of making sure the turkey isn’t too dry and everyone’s FAVORITE dish makes it to the table. It’s enough panic-inducing pressure to sour even the most seasoned cooks on Thanksgiving. What if, for one year, you could skip the culinary crisis and still enjoy all the iconic meal’s great trimmings? You may be surprised to learn there are restaurants peppered all across the state ready to serve up all the holiday goods on Thanksgiving Day.


Turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes are time-consuming must-haves – this year, use your time to enjoy the parade on TV and laugh with your family! Head to a local eatery and let the pros do all the work for you.

Restaurant? Casino? Grandma’s House? Where do you celebrate with your family?

Looking for more festive holiday offerings from across Iowa? Visit!

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