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Mike's Picks Scratch Ticket

Mike’s Picks Scratch Ticket

Working at the Iowa Tourism Office people often assume that I’m constantly traveling Iowa, touring museums and sampling the fares at area restaurants. Well, you may be disappointed to learn that I don’t travel as much as you’d think. If I did I’d never get anything done!

However, I recently had the opportunity to meet someone that does travel a lot in Iowa – Mike Wolfe – aka the original American Picker. You’ve probably seen him on television, sifting through barns and discovering amazing treasures. You can see some of these picks at his store, Antique Archaeology, in LeClaire.

The Iowa Lottery just released a special scratch ticket featuring our favorite picker and in their second chance drawing will be giving away prizes – from trips to LeClaire to baskets of cool stuff from around Iowa.

Here’s Mike himself to tell you more about it:

We hope you’ll stay tuned to this blog, because each week, we are going to be profiling one of “Mike’s Picks” from across Iowa.

Who’s ready to play?

Colleen Murphy
Partnerships Manager, Iowa Tourism Office

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