April is Architecture Awareness Month in Iowa

Spring has sprung and there is no better time than now to start planning your weekend getaways with the family.

High Trestle Bridge

The American Institute of Architects, Iowa Chapter (also known as AIA Iowa) has teamed up with the friendly faces of Travel Iowa to bring awareness and attention to the many cool sites and outstanding architecture we have right here in the state of Iowa.

Many of you probably don’t know this, but April is also known as Architecture Month in Iowa. In fact, the Governor is signing a proclamation about it on April 17th at the Iowa State Capitol to make it official.

Have you ever taken a time to admire all the details of the spaces you live and work in? What’s your favorite thing about where you live? Throughout April we are asking all of you to celebrate with us by taking a moment to appreciate the beauty right in front of you.

Before buildings are constructed an architect devotes a lot of time and consideration to determine the best materials, products, layout, and design for the spaces that will eventually become the place where you live, work, and play. One of their duties is to envision how the space will be used in the future and design it to be the best building it can be (queue inspirational music).

During the month of April and across the state of Iowa, events and celebrations will be taking place to honor the Architecture in our great state. To view a complete list of those events visit IowaArchitecture.org.

Paramount Theatre

Looking to create an adventure of your own? Take the scenic route by creating your own tour of Iowa Architecture by using the tools on IowaArchitecture.org.

This website is a database full of award winning and published architecture across Iowa (we are talking the best of the best). It is super simple to navigate and with just a few clicks you can develop a tour of projects to see and map to guide you on your escapade. Simply enter the city you’re in or where you plan to travel to and a list of buildings come up along with a map of how to get to them all. You can choose to embark on your tour right then and there or email yourself a copy of it for later.

Still not sure what projects to see? Travel Iowa has come up with their top ten list of projects across the state. Stay tuned to their Facebook page in April, Architecture Month, to learn more about them.

Amy Spike
Communications & Programming Coordinator
The American Institute of Architects, Iowa Chapter

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