A Trip to the American Gothic House

The American Gothic by Grant Wood is probably one of the most parodied paintings in the world. So our improvised

American Gothic of the 21st Century

American Gothic of the 21st Century

digital costumes were the perfect fit when we arrived too early to use the “real” costumes and pitchforks provided by the American Gothic House Center for pictures. Our digital staff members Brooke Miller, Social Media Manager, displayed a brooch on her cell phone and Amy Zeigler, Digital Media Manager, had the pitchfork on the I-Pad. No costumes – no worries, the digital girls brought Grant Wood to the 21st century.

The American Gothic House Center, Eldon, Iowa is open during the winter from 10 am – 4 pm Tuesday – Friday and 1 pm to 4 pm Saturday- Monday, longer hours in the summer months. No admission is charged to the Center where you can learn more about Grant Wood and his paintings.

During the summer weekends Beth Howard, resident of the Gothic House, opens her “Pitchfork Pie Stand” and offers her famous homemade pies for sale. Her pies have been featured on CBS This Morning (June 11, 2012), Guidepost Magazine (August 2012) Real Simple Magazine (May 2012) and several other feature articles.

If you don’t make it on the weekend there is food nearby in Ottumwa, The Canteen Lunch in the Alley has a loose-meat burgers or check out more possibilities at www.exploreottumwa.com.

Experience Americana at its best, visit the American Gothic House.

LuAnn Reinders, Iowa Tourism Office

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